Recipe from the New Brewer Magazine, scaled to one gallon

Boil 30 minutes

1.00 lbs wheat malt 60%
0.5 lbs Pilsner malt 30%
1.0 oz Rauch malt 4%
1.0 oz Wheat malt, oak-smoked 4%
1.0 oz Acid malt 4%

0.2 oz Saaz 20 minutes
0.1 oz Saaz 10 minutes

Yeast: WLP029 Kolsch yeast

WATER: 9.5 qts (2.375 gal) total
2.5 qts (0.625 gal) for mashing
7 qts (1.75 gal) for sparging

Step mash:

95F for 10 minutes
122F 20 minutes
149F 20 minutes
156F 20 minutes

30 minute boil

– Brew in a bag, I recommend using all grains for this recipe. It will keep your cost down. I can mill your grain for you.
– Recipe is not an exact scaled down match from the recipe posted in the magazine. I dialed down the percentage of the smoked malts to keep this beer from being overly smokey.

OG 1.034-1.038
FG: 1.010-1.012
ABV% 3-4%
SRM 3-5
IBU 11-16

items needed outside of ingredients:

1 gallon jug
2 growlers
1 Muslin bag, large enough to hold 3-5 lbs of grain
3+ gallon pot/kettle
1 colander to hold the grains above the wort for sparging
2+ gallon pot for heating sparge water
1 airlock/rubber stopper or a balloon with a small hole punched into the top.


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