1 Gal Brew

There are over 90 officially recognized styles of beer world-wide. There are countless beer styles that have been lost to time and many others recently created by innovative brewers like you!

The 1 Gallon Brews Series is a project where anyone can participate. Please feel free to submit a recipe you would like to try. Just make sure it is scaled for a one gallon batch.  Submit the recipe as a comment below or via our Facebook group and we will vote on the recipes at a monthly MASH meeting to decide which one we will brew next.  One gallon batches are quick and easy. Once you have your ingredients, you can brew the recipe at your leisure. Just make sure you have it ready for the designated MASH meeting. These recipes will typically be all grain batches,  brewed in a bag on your stove top. We will order all the ingredients together and divide everything out in one of the meetings, or organize scheduled pickups.

This is a great learning experience and it will push you beyond your brewing comfort zone. Please participate and enjoy lost historical recipes, new innovative recipes and even worldly styles that you haven’t brewed yet.

Doppelbock – a rich, malty German lager, known as ‘liquid bread’.

Lichtenhainer Weisse – a lightly tart and smokey wheat beer.

Kvass – A Russian beverage made from dried rye bread. With a low ABV and full of vitamins and nutrients, this beer is considered a healthy beverage!


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